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Our Work

A few examples of our latest projects...

Treat Cakes & Confections

Outback Stables

Norfolk Hunt Club

Myopia Hunt Club

Bright Day Yoga Studio

MRV Exclusives



Web Design

We specialize in web design for small businesses.  Most small businesses don't need a lot of bells and whistles, but simply an online brochure to help legitimize their presence and offer basic information for initial inquiries.  We understand how to keep it simple and straightforward, while creating fresh and dynamic content to drive leads and business. 

There are several levels of additional functionality on small websites, including ecommerce, appointment scheduling and booking, and the ability for the business owner to make updates simply and quickly, among the infinite possibilities.  We are well versed in scaling sites to the needs of the customer and can help you to decide the level of complexity needed as well as implement it.

Content Generation

Copy:  We work with several writers who specialize in developing content for websites.  They can develop all of the content for your site from scratch, or work on cleaning up existing copy.

Graphics: We also have a nice stable of graphic designers who can develop brand packages, logos, graphics and interactive content for your site.

Website Maintenance

We can design a site that is simple enough for you to maintain yourself, but we also understand that lots of people want to focus on their business and not worry about the website.  We have very reasonable monthly maintenance plans whereby we can quickly take care of any updates for you.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest... The list goes on.  A social media presence is critical to increasing traffic to your website and ultimately your business.  We can work with you to choose the most appropriate social media channels for you and help you to develop and implement a social media strategy.



Lots of small businesses need websites.  But don't have the big bucks (or need) for a giant, complicated website.  We specialize in creating new, and refreshing out-of-date websites for small businesses.  Projects typically last less than a month, start to finish (as long as the client is reasonably responsive, ahem...), and are budgeted with the small business in mind.  We use platforms that are user-friendly including Wordpress and Squarespace, so you can take over the updates yourself, or we are happy to provide ongoing support.  Being a small business ourselves, we understand that while every penny counts, it's critical to your business to have a website that looks like a million bucks.

Blue Lemon was founded by Lisa Lemons, the principal designer and client contact.  Lisa has her BS from Boston University and her MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, where she grew up. Her career began in advertising, then she moved to the client side to consumer packaged goods brand management, and finally came full circle back to tech and biotech advertising at a small agency in Cambridge. She retired from advertising when her children were small and for the last several years has been helping small businesses to establish a relevant and dynamic web presence.

Lisa lives on the North Shore of Boston with her two children, two dogs and a horse.  When she's not running the gauntlet of dropping off and picking up her children from endless activities, she can be found on the hunt field with the Myopia fox hunt (no animals are harmed!) She is also an aggressively mediocre golfer but working on it.






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